Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Showing Me Up.

My wife is showing me up.

I recall wanting to start a blog about 3 years ago and Elaine gave it little thought. Now, she's gone blog crazy (and I'm glad) - but in the process is making me look bad. So - I've resolved to get back into the game....

We've had a picture'y' Christmas this year. Elaine and I haven't done the best job in the past with getting good pics of things that we do --- but this year I guess we've turned over a new leaf.

It's really strange how Christmastime changes for me as I get older. I remember marking off the days until Christmas on a little chalkboard when I was younger. I guess it was partially the presents, the time off of school - the food. Remembering back, though, I don't recall many of the presents and only one or two favorite foods (like this crazy-sick peanutbutter chocolate log thing that my mom and aunt used to make...). But I do remember spending time with my family and getting that warm / hearthy feeling of being around everyone. As you get older, I guess it just gets harder.

I've been grateful to be around a lot of kids this season - their eyes remind me of many things. Here's some shots of the season....

This is Santa's Little Helper, Ainsley (my niece) - striking a pose....she's good at that.This is Nehemiah Thomas (son of Patrick, the guy who helped LOADS by producing most of the 'Driven' Album)

Me and my bud, Harrison.
Santa's Little Helper #2, Jayci (Ainsley's siter) - I love her 'cause she'll dance all day with me.