Friday, October 28, 2005


So. I'm not the biggest Waco fan out there...but Elaine and I are traveling back to Waco this weekend to participate in a few Homecoming festivities (yes...we're actually going to the game) and to eat at some good spots....Kitok's, La Fiesta, and Ninfas (in no particular order).
We're also visiting our old home church Greater New Light Missionary Baptist Church.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Great Concert

Last night, Elaine and I went with some friends Simri & Shawn Davis (for more on Shawn check out The Whetstone and Jeff Berry Band) to see Nichole Nordeman in concert. It was a great concert. Not only are all her songs original, beautiful, and worshipful, but she also presented some great testimony. She incorporated scripture and some dang good theology compared to a lot of the other junk that's out there right now.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Stoneleigh P

I found my new favorite burger in Dallas. The Stoneleigh P. Pumpernickel bun, provolone cheese, and homemade garlic mayo make this burger awesome. Great atmosphere, too. On Maple and Wolf in Uptown. I highly suggest it.

Monday, October 10, 2005

The Fair

Elaine and I went to the fair with a lot of folks from Reunion Church to celebrate the church's 8th anniversary.
I have grown up going to the fair pretty much my whole life (in Waco) - and I remember the hot dogs, funnel cake, cheap glittery motorcycles you ride on a track, little ducks floating in water, and my sister taking me on the Zipper (which I ended up falling in love with).
This year I was on a mission to find the fried peanut butter and jelly - but couldn't find it Elaine and I decided to ride the ferris wheel - since neither of us have and it's the biggest thing there. I guess I didn't know the fair was so dang expensive. $11 just for us to ride that thing that went around twice. Rip off.
If you went to the fair and really did it right, you'd have to spend well over $100 to ride stuff and to eat....and I think that's pretty crappy. To me, the fair is supposed to be a place where you can look at the new cars...and also be surrounded by some nostalgic things unique to Texas - not a place where you have to blow your inheritance to take your family and kids....I mean...skip it and go ride The Cave at Sixflags...