Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baby Moon At Nylo

Elaine and I ran away...all the way to Frisco this weekend. The goal : grab one more weekend trip to ourselves before Cana makes her grand appearance. The destination : The Nylo @ Legacy.

This modern hotel sits in the friggin' middle of nowhere, really. Stonebriar and Ikea are close by - but it's mostly a spot within itself. It's got all the usual hotel-ish stuff, but also a restraunt/lounge called "The Loft" that served up some great stuff.

The thing that made the baby-moon incredible was that we didn't have much planned, but managed to stay relaxingly-busy... Everyone that's expecting should take a you a chance to remember and experience again just what made you fall in love with the other.

And now --- it's back to reality...and the countdown 'til my first-born makes her way into my life.