Monday, April 27, 2009

Life Isn't Graded

I was wondering why my life couldn't be graded. You know, done in elementary school.

Last weekend I filled in as worship leader @ Reunion Church. One thing about me that's strange is that performing comes pretty naturally...but 'leading' worship is a completely different animal. I've always been uncomfortable being the one that calls out to the congregation "sing with me" or whatever the going cliche' to get people going is. But this Sunday was different. I was more laid came a little more naturally. I still don't really know why.

Right after the service was over, I jetted off with my 8 mo. pregnant wife to grab a bite to eat and set up the first ever "Post 27" recital. It was an incredible turn-out. 50-60 people showed up for our 12 performers. I had everything from a 4 yr old singing the Jonas Brother's soon-to-be classic "Burnin' Up" to adults doing their original songs. It was a great experience over-all and my insides burst with pride for some of these folks and seeing how far they've come. I only wish I was better at hosting those kind of things....

This weeks holds even more...rehearsals - a tv interview - a radio interview - and this concert on May 3rd in Waco.

And all the while, my wife could go into labor at any moment. Anytime she makes a face or rubs her belly I ask, "Are you in labor?" I'm joking --- but not really.

The moral of my rambling : there may not be one. But if there is, it would probably be that if God dropped all the info about our future into our laps at one time...we'd freak. So even though I feel somewhat unprepared and slighty bi-polar at times...I haven't lost it - and I'm enjoying each one of these steps.

Now if someone could just tell me how to handle life after my daughter gets here....

(and no...that's not an invitation for a ton of 'daddy advice' --- i've already received enough to confuse Bill Cosby)