Monday, April 21, 2008

Husbandly Love

Saturday, Elaine wanted to 'mini-homemakeover' a spot in our backyard. So, being the obliging and wonderful husband I am, I gleefully pitched in. (Actually, I knew it was coming - so I figured it best to get it over with before the 100+ degree heat would be joining the party, too.) And, I guess I can't take too much credit, Elaine's mother and both of my parents pitched in quite a bit of effort as well.

There's something nice about seeing things getting done in the yard. There's also something nice about the smile on a wife's face when she gets to see something that's been in her head for a long time. Here's what we came up with (Sorry Elaine, if I'm stealing your thunder....but you have more blog readers than me anyway....)

The whole area between the sidewalk was just dirt before we started...

In other news, our dog has opened up a stump removal business. This huge stump from our backyard was rolled down into the creek, where he chewed, spat, and quasi-ate the entire thing.
I have a video I'll post later....